GL SFT-1200 Opal, can’t reach a certain site


I Hope you guys can help me, or give me at least some Tipps on how to solve that problem. Thank you very much in advance.

So I bought the SFT-1200 travel router, so I can use a VPN.

Please help me to turn off the Firewall on my router. There is a go/ link which I need to access. Unfortunately this doesn’t work with the firewall on.




I don’t understand your question.
What do you want to do and why do you think the firewall is part of the problem?

I know that it’s the firewall, cause it’s a link from my work. When I access over the router it shows that there is a problem with the firewall when I want to access the link. Without router it seems to work fine. I want to use the router with vpn. I don’t need a firewall. So I’m wondering how to disable the firewall… or are there other router where I can do this with more ease, since I can’t find an option on the SFT1200.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Pretty sure it’s not the firewall because it’s only a firewall protecting incoming traffic. All outgoing traffic is not affected.

It might be the firewall at your work instead.

Do you know how to turn it off?

It‘s not your firewall.

Turning it off is highly dangerous and I can’t support you with this - if you don’t know how to do it, it means you should not do it.

So once again we need to know more details about what you are trying to do. Please follow this thread to deliver the needed answers How to get support quickly

I can use my computer without a firewall? But on the vpn I need it? Did you eventually think about that my computer is already protected and I don’t need it at all? Like great help. Ur not here to calculate my risk or not. I just genuinely ask for help to turn it off and not for your opinion I’m sorry. I read loads of articles like this. Like common, if the people wanna turn it off, give them

Once again: It can’t be your firewall. It can only be your firewall when the device you want to connect to is behind your firewall.

As far as I understood the device is behind another firewall and not yours. If I am wrong please provide some network diagram.

Adjusting the firewall is never needed if you use VPN.

And no: I won’t help you doing stupid decisions just because you don’t know how to solve the root cause. Feel free to google „OpenWrt disable firewall“ if you need it that bad.

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