GL-SFT1200 Dual Wan

Hello! just purchased the GL-SFT1200 router
I already have the v4 version

I would like to activate Dual wan

Ethernet 1 (DHCP Dynamic IP)
Ethernet 2 (DHCP Dynamic IP)
another port for LAN

I saw that it has the option but it is not possible to use it for dual wan Ethernet only for 3G/4G(MOBILE)

in my case I would need to transform 1 lan port to wan.

I’m grateful for your help

Technically speaking I think it’s easiest accomplished by removing the first LAN port, eth1 from the br-lan (the network bridge/switch) interface & re-assigning it to the tethering one. That should allow to you continue using GL GUI → Network → Multi-WAN options just with a knowingly ‘mis-labelled’ network interface. You’d have to be comfortable giving up tethering capabilities though.

cat /etc/config/network to see what I mean.