GL-SFT1200 freezes

Hi everyone, I’ve found that this switch becomes unstable after about 1 day.

Version 3.215

It is connected with a wan cable to internet, another lan cable to a rasperry, and some wifi devices. No vpn or else. By mistake I installed the luci UI too.

What is happening is that after a few hours the wifi disappear, and cannot connect new clients. My phone was already connected and when logging in, I couldn’t open the “wireless” page (timeout), or when opening the “update” page it just show "Current version - " without being able to load its version number.
Also tried to reboot, but nothing, I had to plug off the power cable. Then works as expected… for a few hours.

Any suggestions?

Can you reset the firmware, change power adapter and try again?

I waited a bit before replying as freezes happen randomly. Sometimes they take a week to happen, and always when there is high internet usage, so at the end I think it’s the power adapter/wires or even the bad wall socket. Now it’s a week that runs smoothly and I haven’t changed anything.