GL-SFT1200 Lan ports

Are the lan ports on the GL-SFT1200 simply a switch with the wifi or can they have different ip net?

I have 2 networks in my home
Lan1 x.x.1.68 GL-SFT1200 address; wan connected to EdgeRouter firewall
(no vpn on GL-SFT1200, I use Mullvad on all my computers)
Lan2 x.x.2.25 is my printer static address connected by cable to Lan2 switch

While connected to GL-SFT1200 Lan1 wifi, I need a way to forward request for printer on Lan2.

Currently when I want to print I have to disconnect from GL-SFT1200, connect to Lan2 wifi, print, then reconnect to GL-SFT1200 wifi.
Thanks in advance for any help