GL-SFT1200: “No cable detected in WAN.”

It just won’t detect the cable. It has been working forever on my previous router.
I tried moving it, pushing it, whatever, no dice.

Firmware is factory one, so nothing to downgrade to 3.212

Upgraded to 3.216 Same issue.
Upgraded to 4.1.1 beta1, same issue.

I already wasted more than 1 hour on a thing that should be plug and play.
This is the biggest piece of crap I ever bought, even cheap Chinese no brand routers can detect a cable.
Too bad cos i liked the design. Oh well.
Never touching this brand again.

honestly i got brume, and 2 opal, and 1 sf1200.

my opal do experienced the SAME problem too.

see my recent post on brume,
i’ll suggest away from latest firmware.
a complete new flash to 3.212 would be a good go however i didn’t have time to try yet.
i live solely on brume now.