GL-SFT1200 not seeing unit plugged in.

Have a DSP controller that I want to be able to view via Wifi.
Unit has a 100M Ethernet control. Via direct or Switch says the manual. But the 1200 does not see unit when plugged in. When directly plugged into PC its software sees it and works.

I can change the units IP and tried IP set (1200 at default settings)

I am currently awaiting response about how to figure out the units Mac address. So that I can attempt to manually add it.


So the controller comes with DHCP or Static IP?

When it plug to SFT1200’s LAN, it does not appear in SFT1200’s client list?

Can you check the log when you plug and unplug the controller to SFT1200’s LAN?
dmesg will show some connection activitity.


Thank you for the reply.
Static IP but user selectable.

So Im not on Linux.
Didnt notice anything in the web browser GUI for that.

I wont get to do more testing until Friday due to work.

You can ssh to the router and try these commands.

So finally just got a chance to do this.
What exactly should I be looking for?
I saved both dmesg and logread. Searched for the units IP but nothing. I do see my comps IP. Only connection I see.