GL-SFT1200 Opal - 4.3.7 release1 - USB tethering not working / No VPN Policies

Hi all,

i just want to let you know that USB tethering is not working with the Opal 1200 firmware 4.3.7 release1.

It simply does not connect and I cant select USB tethering on my smartphone (Motorola G62 5G). The stable version 3.216 works without problems.

Also the option VPN Policies disappeared with the beta firmware.

Hello, could you please export your logs and send them to me so that I can take a look for you?

sft1200 is still being updated? I haven’t received an update in a long time

Hello,it is still being updated, but now it is in the testing phase. You can download it from the download center. However, as it is a test version, there may be some issues.
GL.iNet download center (

Any update on this?
I want to use some features from 4.x, but I currently use my mobile data as backup on 3.216. Can’t migrate if this feature is not available.

Just try it. You can flash 3.216 if it does not work.