GL-SFT1200 Opal 4.x testing

I confirm. The repeater is now successfully connecting.
Will report any issues if any.


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Thanks for your feedback,I will check this issue.

After testing for a few days. It seems that the repeater disconnects after some time and doesn’t reconnect again until i login to the router and connect manually

One more thing.
I noticed that when Multi-WAN switches from Ethernet to repeater and VPN is connected. VPN disconnects and does not reconnect. So Internet connection is lost.

Thanks,I’ve forwarded it to the internal development team for analysis.

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Any update on this coz the repeater keeps on disconnecting which renders it useless

Is this actively being developed as I have been holding testing for about 3 weeks now?

Is the issue repeater failing to connect? I’ll confirm that later.

Hi I’m new using GL.iNET routers, is there any bug/error in the 4.1.1 beta1 related to the VPN connection? When is it releasing as a stable version? I want to have those features specially dark mode for the web UI, thanks.

I decided to upgrade and so far it’s working good, I saw 2 minor problems (4.1.1 beta1)

  1. Seems like the router doesn’t save the dark mode setting and I need to activate it everytime I log in.
  2. The VPN traffic restarts after some time, I found out it restarts if the connection drops but that didn’t happen before, it would keep showing the total VPN traffic even if there were some connection drops.

I will share my feedback here just in case I find a bug.


Any info on when 4.x beta will be available?

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UPDATE: I’ve had some problems with the repeater mode, the router connects normally and the OpenVPN connection is established but internet doesnt’ work, I tried eveything I could, updated from 4.1.1 to the latest snapshot and still the same so I had to downgrade to 3.215 again and it worked. I would not upgrade to 4x with this model.

Thanks for your feedback. This is a known bug related to fw3 compatibility with some firewall rules. It will be fixed soon.

Thank you to u develop! I really like that u add gl-agh in 4.2.1!
But when I start it, agh didnot start, and when I go nothing find.

If I can help u to test, write me, I ready)

It’s not installed by default. Please refer to

Is 4.x development for Opal still ongoing? It has been a while since a new snaphot firmware version was released! Can you please update us on the status?

Recently updates include a bug fix about the fw3 compatibility.
Now we are fixing some build system issues, Opal snapshot should be updated this week.

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I hope, the wireguard connectivity issue will be also fixed with the newest snapshot.

Okay, yes, that’s the same issue.

Snapshot 4.2.1 from 03/27/2023
it’s been a month since there is no new snapshot and patch for gl-sft1200. Open vpn does not work. Wireguard is down. Tor causes the router to freeze.
When will there be fixes?

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