Gl-SFT1200 (Opal) Deactivate Led

Basically I want to turn off the bright front led and have not found a tutorial that allows me to as there is no easy way in Luci or standart settings. Can anyone help me out. My knowledge is limited worst case, electrical tape will have to do.

If you are using the 3.x firmware, use ssh to log in to the device and execute

/etc/init.d/led disable
/etc/init.d/led stop

If you need the device to turn off the LED every time it boots, add these two commands to /etc/rc.local

If you are using the 4.x firmware, turn it off in the Overview page.

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Any Chance to get the ssh command line to add both of these lines to /etc/rc.local , using both command lines already stopped the led which is awesome

Edit: Having tried to install the Beta to be able to use 4.x Version, the wireguard connections couldn’t be established meaning I had to downgrade

Shouldn’t the /etc/init.d/led disable command be persistent, whereas the /etc/init.d/led stop command is not persistent? If not, then it should be possible to execute those commands in LuCI → System → Startup → Local Startup.

It may also be possible to execute those 2 commands in LuCI → System → Startup → Initscripts, without using SSH.

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