GL-SFT1200 (Opal) disconeects after a few hours

Hello, since last week i’ve been loosing connection from my Opal router not only to both wifi ap but also the lan connection to my mian pc. I tried everything and even updated to the latest beta firmware with the new web ui but I still lose the router randomly after maxium one day of working. To restore to normal as I cant access the web panel I just restart it or shut the power down and power it on again.
Anyone with similar problems? How can I diagonose this and get a solution?
Thank you and have a nice day!

does it have any crash log?

Are you using an official adapter?

I connected to the router and im not even able to download the tar once the router crashed, so I copy pasted the logs in a txt file. (9.2 KB)

On the other side im not using any adapter, I have a 40m cable running from my isp router to the WAN port in the Opal router and im using it to create a wifi connection and conect via another LAN cable to my main pc.

Hope the logs can help :slight_smile:

Just crashed again, here more logs. Hope they are helpfull. (6.7 KB)

Bumping again, does anyone experimented similar issues with this or any other model?

I have two of them running 24/7 since a few weeks as AP without any crash. Firmware: 4.3.7 rev1.
40m cable seem to be rather long - but not to long. Do you use a good shielded cable?
Do you also observe crashes when the 40m cable is not connected?