GL-SFT1200 (Opal) disconeects after a few hours

Hello, since last week i’ve been loosing connection from my Opal router not only to both wifi ap but also the lan connection to my mian pc. I tried everything and even updated to the latest beta firmware with the new web ui but I still lose the router randomly after maxium one day of working. To restore to normal as I cant access the web panel I just restart it or shut the power down and power it on again.
Anyone with similar problems? How can I diagonose this and get a solution?
Thank you and have a nice day!

does it have any crash log?

Are you using an official adapter?

I connected to the router and im not even able to download the tar once the router crashed, so I copy pasted the logs in a txt file. (9.2 KB)

On the other side im not using any adapter, I have a 40m cable running from my isp router to the WAN port in the Opal router and im using it to create a wifi connection and conect via another LAN cable to my main pc.

Hope the logs can help :slight_smile:

Just crashed again, here more logs. Hope they are helpfull. (6.7 KB)

Bumping again, does anyone experimented similar issues with this or any other model?

I have two of them running 24/7 since a few weeks as AP without any crash. Firmware: 4.3.7 rev1.
40m cable seem to be rather long - but not to long. Do you use a good shielded cable?
Do you also observe crashes when the 40m cable is not connected?

I have a similar issue. I’m using it on a robot where it is functioning as a repeater as well as a hotspot. As a repeater, it connects to my home wifi and I have two computers on the robot connected to the LAN ports. This allows those computers to reach out to the internet. Then, I connect my development computer to the Opal via the WiFi hotspot. This way, my development computer can reach the two computers on the robot via SSH. The problem I that everything seems to work fine during the day but when I come back to it in the morning, the development computer cannot see the WIFI hotspot and often my home router says the repeater is offline. I can physically connect a screen and keyboard to one of the computers on the robot and bring up the web interface of the Opal and there’s no error messages and it thinks everything is just fine. I have to power cycle the Opal to get it working again. It seems like the radios just shutdown after while. It’s running 3.216.


The cable when connected to my PC is working without crashes but the the Opal still crashes the AP even withtout a WAN cable :frowning:

Exactly, the AP crashes but the router is still accesible via cable, I need to reset it to get the wifi connection working again.

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@dengxinfa have you reviewed the logs for this issue?

bump to the top, any tech support can check the logs and give some answer please

Did you ever get this resolved? I still have the problem even after updating firmware to 4.3.7.