GL-SFT1200 (Opal) Guest WiFi in Extender Mode

When switching to Extender Mode, the Guest WiFi facility is removed by the software for some reason. I need this functionality. Using LuCI I can re-enable the radios but have no idea how to properly configure the GUEST interface bridge settings.

I’ve set the GUEST interface to Static IP (, Netmask to, Gateway to (the main router) and Broadcast Address to

DHCP is enabled with the default Start = 100, Limit = 150, Lease time 12hr

‘Bridge interfaces’ box is ticked and ‘Interface’ field set to guest / wlan2 / wlan3

Firewall set to the default guestzone: guest / eth guest / 5G_Guest / Guest

However, the GUEST Interface (br-guest) box shows ‘Connected: yes’ status for the Bridge, wlan2 and wlan3 icons, but the guest ethernet adapter shows ‘Connected: no’ status when hovering the mouse over each icon.

Unsurprisingly, attempting to connect a wireless client to the Guest WiFi results in a ‘Secured / No internet’ error status.

At this point I’m stuck.

Guidance please…

Perhaps I should point out that I’m not using the device as wireless repeater, but as an access point with the WAN port connected via a cable back to a LAN port on my main router.

I am aware that when used as a repeater it’s only possible to repeat the WiFi signal it is connected to, but when used as an access point you should be able to carry over both primary and guest WiFi.