GL-SFT1200 (Opal) very slow WIFI

I have connected an iphone 12 via tethering to the opal and can only get 30mb/s download speed MAX, even though my carrier supports up to 150mb/s and I can easily get 80-120mb/s when I connect my phone directly to my macbook. I tried both, 2.4g and 5g wireless connections, tried changing channels, etc. if anything, it get’s worse. I also tried connecting the phone with wifi to the router instead of tethering, but that doesn’t change anything either. I updated the firmware today.
Funny enough I can get 50mb/s upload speed though, which is really odd.
Is it broken?

Hey :wave:

can you explain your setup a bit more in detail?
Which device is connected to what other device and from where to where do you want to transfer data?

i think I explained it. What kind of detail do you need?
iphone->tethering or wifi->router
macbook->wifi 2.4g or 5g->router

the phone provides the internet connection. the macbook is the client.

So it’s this, right?

yes, exactly, that’s the setup.

By using Wi-Fi between the iPhone and the Opal the speed of the Wi-Fi in general will be lowered. Please don’t expect any speed miracles here.

The big question is why tethering with cable also brings slower speeds. I can’t really answer that, but maybe another forum member has an idea.

Basically, I could imagine that Apple devices are more compatible with each other and that’s where the speed advantage comes from - but that’s just a guess.

Why not try mac book and iPhone hot-spot? Very simple

Does anyone else experience similar problems? Is my device broken? Firmware issue maybe?