GL-SFT1200 Repeater Mode 1Mb/s speeds

Hello there,
I have a 500mb/s connection and when connecting the router in repeater mode I get 1Mb/s up and down speeds on WIFI and LAN.
I would appreciate some help or I will be forced to send the product back…
All the best

  • Does this happen if you directly connect a Ethernet cable to the Opal’s WAN port?
  • Is your Opal’s firmware up to date? (GL GUI → System → Upgrade or download manually)
  • can be helpful here

With LAN cable from router into WAN port it is delivering 260Mb/s which is acceptable…but this is not the use case I want to use it in as it is intended to be a travel router to have a private connection. To most open wifis I wont be able to connect via LAN cable :confused:

Also Version is up to date (v3.216)

I don’t have a Opal nor a ISP connection as fast as 500 Mbps but can you try directly connecting the Opal to your ISP’s modem? I’m rather surprised you’re only hitting 260 over the wire. That concerns me more than a bit.

I don’t know how but the router seems to have fixed itself after multiple reboots. I am now getting around 200 down and 40 up 1 room away from the router.
Thanks a lot for the help though appreciate it :+1:

Well, as long as you’re happy with it. It could just be a simple case of Wi-Fi congestion in your immed. area. There’s multiple free mobile phone apps that can help troubleshoot that. I use

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