GL Spitz X3000 compatible with ASUS XT9

I have a GL spitz X3000 and recently purchased two ASUS XT9 to use as an access point to improve my WiFi coverage and create a mesh.

However, I can not get passed the set up stage of the ASUS. The XT9 is connected via ethernet to the LAN port on the spitz but during the ASUS initial setup it does not pick up any internet, specifically saying no modem detected.

Does anybody know if the ASUS XT9 is compatible with the Spitz X3000 ?

Thank you

Assign manual ip, mask and gateway to the Asus and should work.

I think they can just set the Asus to repeater mode and that would take care of those settings. At least that would be the option to use on my non-mesh Asus router. The XT9 is a “mesh” system so I don’t know if they have different modes available.