GL-USB150 Microuter External Antenna Possibility?

Dear community,
Is it possible to connect an external antenna onto the IPEX connector located at the bottom right of this GL-USB150 Microuter internals photo?

How to deactivate the internal antenna and use the external antenna instead?
(By removing a 0 ohm resistor on the hardware or by software?)
Thank you!

You can only do by modifying the hardware, as you said remove the 0 ohm resistor.

But you also need to solder the correct wires.

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Thank you @alzhao
Can you tell me what correct wires do I need to solder?
(I thought I could plug an external antenna directly onto the IPEX connector.)
Can you show me where is located that 0 ohm resistor?

You can find there is a connector. It is for radio calibration so you cannot connect antenna. So if you take that down you should be able to solder wires.

I thought you find 0 ohm resistor. If not maybe there is no.

If you still cannot finger out, I will ask hardware engineers.

Thank you @alzhao

No, currently I didn’t even disassemble my microuter as it is working fine with its inboard antenna. But I plan to hide it in an electrical closet and there its reach might get limited, thus I am thinking to add an external antenna.

I read somewhere that the connector for radio calibration is missing an inner tab, thus I cannot use it as a standard IPEX connector to plug in an external antenna. Am I right?

What I can do instead is, as you suggested, to remove it and solder wires for the external antenna at the position where this connecter was mounted. Did I understood correctly?

Please could you ask the hardware engineer about that 0 ohm resistor? I believe it is important to deactivate the inboard antenna when using this external antenna to get its full potential.

I’m interested in potentially adding an external antenna to my USB router, for licensed amateur radio use. Is it possible? Soldering u.fl and ipex connectors is awful, but it would be worth a shot if it would work.

Sorry for late reply. But if you open the case and check the PCB, you should see near the antenna there is a very small connector. You need to remove that and solder antenna to the two small pads.

It will be very tough and better not to do it.