GL-USB150 Microuter External Antenna Possibility?

Dear community,
Is it possible to connect an external antenna onto the IPEX connector located at the bottom right of this GL-USB150 Microuter internals photo?

How to deactivate the internal antenna and use the external antenna instead?
(By removing a 0 ohm resistor on the hardware or by software?)
Thank you!

You can only do by modifying the hardware, as you said remove the 0 ohm resistor.

But you also need to solder the correct wires.

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Thank you @alzhao
Can you tell me what correct wires do I need to solder?
(I thought I could plug an external antenna directly onto the IPEX connector.)
Can you show me where is located that 0 ohm resistor?

You can find there is a connector. It is for radio calibration so you cannot connect antenna. So if you take that down you should be able to solder wires.

I thought you find 0 ohm resistor. If not maybe there is no.

If you still cannot finger out, I will ask hardware engineers.

Thank you @alzhao

No, currently I didn’t even disassemble my microuter as it is working fine with its inboard antenna. But I plan to hide it in an electrical closet and there its reach might get limited, thus I am thinking to add an external antenna.

I read somewhere that the connector for radio calibration is missing an inner tab, thus I cannot use it as a standard IPEX connector to plug in an external antenna. Am I right?

What I can do instead is, as you suggested, to remove it and solder wires for the external antenna at the position where this connecter was mounted. Did I understood correctly?

Please could you ask the hardware engineer about that 0 ohm resistor? I believe it is important to deactivate the inboard antenna when using this external antenna to get its full potential.