GL-USB150 + Transparent Tor Proxy

I just got my GL-USB150. I flashed the AR150 TOR firmware (2.264).
I have internet and can browse the web, but I want to route ALL the traffic through Tor.

Anyone know what to change?

I already tried editing

/etc/tor/torrrc and /etc/firewall.user without any luck

The Tor firmware for AR150 uses the switch button to control if you should connect to Tor or normal network.

Here is what you can check.

ssh to the router and check the following scripts

ssh root@
vi /etc/init.d/init_switch

You will see the script tries to detect switch status and apply firewall rules for tor.
Just change it a little bit and switch to Tor always.

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Thanks for the reply.
I tried several options

I tried removing

            uci set firewall.internet.src='nothing'
            uci set glconfig.tor.disabled='0'
            uci set firewall.tor.input='REJECT'

Didn’t work.
Then I removed

            uci set firewall.internet.src='tor'
            uci set glconfig.tor.disabled='1'
            uci set firewall.tor.input='ACCEPT'

Also didn’t work.

Any chance someone can have a look at initswitch?
Pasted it here !/bin/sh /etc/rc.commonSTART=19start(){ model=$(awk 'BEGIN{FS -

Modify this part, only reserve the bold part. i.e. remove if xxx, else part and fi

if [ -n “$switch_left” ]; then
uci set firewall.internet.src=‘nothing’
uci set glconfig.tor.disabled=‘0’
uci set firewall.tor.input=‘REJECT’
uci set firewall.internet.src=‘tor’
uci set glconfig.tor.disabled=‘1’
uci set firewall.tor.input=‘ACCEPT’

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Thanks, it’s working now. Which setting do I need to edit, so I can still access the Domino webpanel?