Hello guys I’m the proud owner of 2 of these devices, unfortunately I have 2 issues,

  1. I want to use this device with ssh proxy, I saw this feature in gl-6416,It is OK from my side with a small instruction or something, and if this feature can be brought to the GL-INET interface is better.
  2. I wan to backup the firmware or to get 2.5 firmware. I tried with cat and it is not possible to restore the image with sysupdate.

For #1, I can still try to find the guide of how to do this. But the performance of ssh proxy is not good. Actually now you can have your own vpn server easily so you can use vpn. VPN server is in all of the mini routers (not USB) firmware v2.27. You can connect USB150 to your vpn server.

#2, What is the reason of going back to 2.5? I think that is a beta version.

  1. For me will be great help if you can provide me the guide, The main porpoise of purchasing this device was having a way to connect to the internet in a anonymous way and secure, there are many free internet ssh servers that can provide you this service. ( Regarding the VPN are several issues, one is to have a real IP address with a server that can accommodate VPN service.
    Regarding the speed by installing openssh-client and running
    ssh user_name@ssh.server -p port -vND I achieved even 50mbps with a good connection to the internet.
    I think in the future a sshproxy interface to be available for installing for all routers (even if it is not available for stock firmware) will be great help for thous as me.
  2. The older firmware is smaller and it is cleaner, no china proxy servers or other stuff.

Here is the results with ssh proxy using the above command. The set back is that I have to make a putty connection to run the connection command, if you are using a phone is a little bit harder, that’s why I need integration in the firmware of the sshproxy.

Regarding the firmware there are several things that are preinstalled in the stock 3.0 firmware for older firmware this are not installed.