Gl x 3000 Spritz 5g External Antenna Question

My trailer has a (5 wire prewire. 2 cell, 2 wifi, 1 gps). My antenna I bought has the 2 sets of cell , and 1 set of wifi.
There is no way to fish any more wires. I gave up. I will use the GPS wire for cell signel.
My question is . The wifi antennas. Is one for sending and one for receiving? If one is for sending then I can put the screw on factory antenna inside the trailer as I do not need wifi outside of it and use that cable for the missing cell. I do need wifi wan though.
If not then I have to use a Y adaptor on one of the cell signals. Will a Y work? (share antenna with card slots) as there is only one modem. Do you need the antennas at the same time for both slots or is the modem using all 4 antennas?

I am more than likely not getting 2 cell cards either but you never know.

Both WIFI connectors are for input and output, you can connect one external WIFI antenna and keep one factory antenna.

For cellular signal, 5G module needs 4 antennas and should cover 600M~6GHz. You can connect the only two external cellular antennas to the MAIN and DIV connectors, but the throughput and frequency coverage perhaps be limited.

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