GL-X1200: 4G bonding/balancing + External antenna

Does this router support load balancing over many connections? specifically, can i load balance over 2 x 4G connections?

My intention is to use this in a vehicle using 12V.

Is there a recommended limit to antenna cable length/type if i want to connect to antennas (both wirless and 4G) mounted on the outside of the vehicle?

You can load balance on the two modems.

No recommendation to change antenna. But you should consult professionals about antenna about this.

Did you ever figure out your balancing?

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Do I need to write my own code to balance between the two modems or is there some configuration that just needs to be invoked?

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You should be able to configure load balancing or / and failover with mwan3 -

This was touched very recently (2021) so it is current.
“* Mwan3 can also load-balance traffic originating from the router itself”

There is a lot of code examples on that page - I haven’t gone into detail but you will have to do some configuration. Looks not to be much unless your setup is complex or you require IPv6.

There is a note on the page recommending NOT to use ‘snapshots’ as there is active development on the package - @alzhao how often does GL rebuild packages or are they just direct from OpenWRT? Or does it really matter?

Images are built daily now.