GL-X1200 not using Static IP

I have both GL-MiFi and Amarok. I have two sims that have static IP accounts associated with them. I have been given a specific APN to use with these static IPs. I also have a couple DHCP sims.

The GL-Mifi behaves as I expected. With a DHCP account sim it gets a random IP and works like expected. With the Static IP sim if the proper APN is entered it pulls the assigned IP and again works as expected.

The the X1200 behaves differently. With the DHCP sims it pulls a random address and works as expected. But with the static sims it pulls a random IP and has no connectivity. I’ve entered the APN over and over but it still behaves as if the APN was not assigned.

On my GL-Mifi I verified that if I enter the incorrect APN it will pull a random IP and give no connectivity. Could the Amarok be somehow be failing to apply the APN setting?

The other difference I notice is even if the incorrect APN is set on the GL-MiFi, it will send a text message eventually. But the Amarok doesn’t show the text message envelope icon.

I’ve reset the modem, repowered, reverted firmware, etc.

What next??


You need to see if the 4G module has a different model, and whether the modules that X1200 and mifi bring are different