GL-X1200 not using Static IP

I have both GL-MiFi and Amarok. I have two sims that have static IP accounts associated with them. I have been given a specific APN to use with these static IPs. I also have a couple DHCP sims.

The GL-Mifi behaves as I expected. With a DHCP account sim it gets a random IP and works like expected. With the Static IP sim if the proper APN is entered it pulls the assigned IP and again works as expected.

The the X1200 behaves differently. With the DHCP sims it pulls a random address and works as expected. But with the static sims it pulls a random IP and has no connectivity. I’ve entered the APN over and over but it still behaves as if the APN was not assigned.

On my GL-Mifi I verified that if I enter the incorrect APN it will pull a random IP and give no connectivity. Could the Amarok be somehow be failing to apply the APN setting?

The other difference I notice is even if the incorrect APN is set on the GL-MiFi, it will send a text message eventually. But the Amarok doesn’t show the text message envelope icon.

I’ve reset the modem, repowered, reverted firmware, etc.

What next??


You need to see if the 4G module has a different model, and whether the modules that X1200 and mifi bring are different

Hi, Thank you for your reply, sorry for the delay.

Very subtle difference in modems -
Modem in Spitz

Modem in Amarok

Modem in GL-MiFi

08 model will not work with static IP

APN settings on dhcp

APN for static IP

Cannot find data in spec sheet to determine difference in 06 vs 08 modem.

Any suggestions, workarounds?


It is usually up to APN to assign static IP, please set APN as follows

Yes thank you we have done this. As stated above, APN for static IP is B2B.static. Works perfectly with 06 model, does not work with 08 model.

Proper IP shows in settings with 06 unit, not with 08 unit. No data passes with 08 model, data passes with 06 model, every time, every unit … (GL-MiFi, Spitz, Amrok)

I have contacted T-Mobile to see if they can give insight from logs or what they have. Waiting response as we asked Saturday.

Seems like one should be able to see these differences in a data sheet but I have not found any doc that shows what those particular numbers represent. Your examples show '04 and '06, perhaps it is a release version?

This is big deal for us, I sold several units with Static IP and now might have to replace units. Need to fix this :[

I just noticed that my units with “08” modems have firmware 3.027 and the units with “06” modems have 3.1 firmware.

I recall being on Goodcloud and receiving a message to upgrade the GL-MiFi and Mango to 3.1 for certain functionality. I can’t seem to make this happen on the Amarok or Spitz.

Tonight I will try ‘testing’ firmware and report back.

Had to revert the X1200 to 3.027 - with 3.100 I was unable to access the GL gui, only the lucy interface … I know I saw that issue somewhere but can’t find it again.

I will update the test firmware of X1200 today


Because I just proved 5 times I could flash 3.027 and get the initial config and all the menus just fine, but the 3.1 will never go to #internet … I can force, it lets create password, but only can log into Luci.

Hi ,
Please go to the following link to download the latest firmware test, and look forward to your feedback, thank you

I have updated to the firmware you referenced and the unit boots and browses into the GUI nicely.
Tomorrow I will have the static sim to test and will report back again.

Thank you!

Well I have the static sim … wow it is NOT a modem problem but a firmware one for the X1200 - static IP is working with 3.012!!

Now will try with Spitz and MiFi - static sim did not work with those units on 3.0xx.

Thank you again

@wellnw Spitz does not pull the static ip with either B2B.static or APN :[
Updated to current 3.1 in download section. Still no static.

It pulls a DHCP address and registers the system, but no data can pass since the IP pulled is not the one assigned to the sim.

Testing MiFi next

@wellnw Brand new out of box GL-MiFi Only gives “Sim card not registered” … will continue testing tomorrow.

@wellnw MiFi and Spitz still no static IP with 3.1 … 3.102 for those soon?
Please? ;]

We will update to 3.102 for MiFi and Spitz today.

MiFi and Spitz update to 3.103, you can try it ,thank you.

I was excited to tell you that the static IP works on both MiFi and Spitz, but I kept getting Bad Gateway error on the forum. Good to see it back up!!

I have not tested other features, since this is in ‘snapshots’ I assume it is not ready for end user release??

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We will release the official firmware as soon as possible, thank you for your feedback

Hope all is well, any plan on official release? Thank you for your hard work, it is very appreciated!