GL-X3000 - 2x2 MIMO + 2x2 MIMO configuration


I have two 2x2 MIMO directional antennas connected to my GL-X3000.
Unfortunately the 4G signal (B1+B3+B7) is received from WEST,
whereas the 5G signal (N78) from EAST.

Right now, I have connected antenna-1 to MAIN/DIV, pointed to WEST direction
and connected antenna-2 to MIMO1/MIMO2, pointed to EAST direction.

Generally, this seems to work, 4G signal quality is good, 5G signal quality is good.
I am wondering if this configuration is correct and what needs to be considered in
terms of polarization. Right now, each antenna module has horizontal and vertical
polarization with 90° offset.

My main issue is that while it seems to work with one specific carrier, the same
setup is giving stability issues (jitter, low bandwidth) on another.

I have found AT commands:
+QCFG: "diversity/config"
+QNWCFG: "nr5g_4mimo_enable"

Is it possible to force 2x2 MIMO operation using AT commands so that antenna-1 is
only used for LTE (low-band 1.8 GHz) and antenna-2 is only used for 5G (high-band 3.8 GHz)?

My understanding is, in my current setup, the 5G antenna may be used for LTE MIMO,
due to the different direction, the signal will be weaker and this causes stability issues.


It based on the cellular operator and local BS antennas deployment, even if we try to force 2 by 2 MIMO by AT/modem setting, if the BS antennae deployment does not support, terminal device like modem antennas also could not work on 2 by 2 MIMO.

An antenna cannot be specified to work on a certain frequency band.