GL-X3000 50% UDP loss from ethernet to wlan

GL-X3000 50% UDP loss from ethernet to WLAN. TCP throughput is fine ~ 900 mbps (1GB max).
Router -- GL-X3000, firmware 4.4.8
Cable Model (Xfinity) - ethernet - Router - Wifi - Computer A
Router - eithernet - Computer B

Test method -- Tamosoft throughput test.
server running on computer B, client running on computer A.
UDP traffic from B->A loss 50%. from A->B ~0%
If B/A both on ethernet, then ~0% loss.

Tested with two GL-X3000, one after reset, same results.
Also tested with GL-XE300, 20-30% UDP loss.
tested with multiple computers as either A or B, same results.

Wondering if this is something intrinsic to gl.inet router

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please read How to get support quickly to provide all necessary information. Please add the method you used for testing as well.