GL-X3000 access admin HTTPS/SSH from internet

how can I access the GL-X3000 admin page from internet ?

Use GoodCloud for it:

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It depends on your setup: are you behind a CG-NAT or a direct public Internet IP?

On Mudi the sim is without public IP and can connect from GoodCloud. I need to give two times enter, but is okay. Also the app is connecting via GoodCloud.

I am behind a CGNAT.
I will try with GoodCloud, thanks for answers, marco

OK, a little cumbersome, but it works :handshake:

Is there a more direct way to access the web interface ?

You could use VPN or something like ZeroTier.

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VPN should be great, can you please tell me in which way :thinking:
(I already have OpenVPN client installed for outside access to local webcam via port forwarding)

VPN will only work with additional setups because you can’t have an VPN server using cellular (because of CGNAT) - so you will need Site-to-Site VPN instead of the normal Server-to-Client VPN. So the X3000 has to connect to another server as a client but with some transparent tunnel. This is more or less advanced stuff.

To be honest: Just stick with GoodCloud.

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Great, I already have the X3000 OpenVPN client connected to an external OpenVPN server: how to step on from there ?

You have to connect your device from which you want to access the X3000 to this VPN server as well. It must be your own VPN server - providers won’t work. Then you need to set up the routing.

Can’t help you with this because it’s very custom.

OK, thank you so much, do you mean that I should set up the routing (on the remote router FritzBox 7090AX) for access to ?

thanks to all of you :handshake:, I found 2 solutions:

  1. the easy one is to use GoodCloud, without any other requirement, but needs Sign Up and Log In to;

  2. the other one requires:

  • external OpenVpn server with public IPaddress (no CGNAT);

  • OpenVpn client on the GL-X3000;

  • OpenVpn client on devices who need access to GL-X3000 apps;

  • port forwarding configuration for each app (via LuCI for Admin console);

    but has some pros:

  • can be used for accessing any device on a CGNAT connection;

  • no Sign Up required;

  • direct access to Admin console, ssh and any other app;

  • can use Putty for ssh.

Best regards, marco