GL-X3000 and 2x2 MIMO antenna

I have a Proxicast b07zbvx8vl 2x2 MIMO antenna that I’m using with my older GL-X750 version 1 4G modem. The antenna supports 5G from 600-6000 MHz range.

Can I use this antenna with the newer GL-X3000 which has ports for 4x4 MIMO, with the other two cell antennas removed?

You can connect this Proxicast antenna to the X3000 MAIN and DIV Cellular antenna connectors, and still keep the other two Cellular antenna connectors (MIMO1 and MIMO2) with the original paddle antennas.

The reason is LTE signal only uses MAIN and DIV two antennas, but 5GNR signal must use four antennas in some cases.

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Good info Tim,
I will soon be deploying a Parsec Akita 4x4 Mimo that features outputs labeled 1-4. Safe to assume that #3 & #4 go to MIMO 1 & MIMO 2?

Parsec Akita antenna 4 cables can connect to any of the GL-X3000 cellular antenna connectors, don’t need to mind the sequence, as each antenna supports 600M~6GHz frequency.

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