GL-X3000 and 4x4 MIMO antenna (Poynting 5G-XPOL-1-V2-41)


As the title of the topic suggests, I’m looking to use a Poynting 5G-XPOL-1-V2-41 antenna ( with GL-X3000 router, but having trouble figuring out how to connect it correctly. The antenna is 4x4 MIMO and has two pairs of cables, which are labelled:

  1. Cell1 Main & Cell 1 AUX/DIV
  2. Cell 2 Main & Cell 2 AUX/DIV
    The router, on the other hand, has the following antenna labels:
  3. Main
  4. MIMO 1
  5. MIMO 2

Could someone tell me where I can find the necessary information or what the cables’ pairing should be?

I’ve looked through the GL-X3000’s documentation, datasheet, etc, but couldn’t find the answer.

I don’t know much about cellular, but could this help you?

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I am also confused on how to connect MIMO 4x4 to this router. I have Poynting 3-17 MIMO-3-17

I've connected this way but not sure if its correct:

  • "CELL 1 MAIN" (antenna) to "MAIN" (router)
  • "CELL 1 AUX/DIV" (antenna) to "DIV/GNSS" (router)
  • "CELL 2 MAIN" (antenna) to "MIMO 2" (router)
  • "CELL 2 DIV/AUX" (antenna) to "MIMO 1" (router)

The antenna connections goes to the Quectel RM520N-GL modem antenna ports.
Antenna 1 on router connects to modem ANT0
Antenna 2 on router connects to modem ANT1
Antenna 3 on router connects to modem ANT2
Antenna 4 on router connects to modem ANT3

Here is your answer...

I got fantastic support from the Poynting support team. In my case, they recommended the following setup which improved my signal drastically:

“In any case, we recommend connecting in the following way:

  • Cell 1 Main -> Main
  • Cell 1 AUX/DIV -> MIMO 1
  • Cell 2 Main -> MIMO 2
  • Cell 2 AUX/DIV ->DIV/GNSS

    I hope it helps.
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Thanks for info, I'll try this and compare speeds and signal