GL-X3000 and slow 4g speeds


Newbie here!

I’ve just bought a GL-X3000 and I’m using an EE sim card to use with my laptop whilst traveling.

I just wanted to ask whether the speeds I’m getting are correct. I connect using 4g, which is pretty weak in these parts.

In the exact same location, using my phone with the SIM I average speeds of 2.78

With the GL-X3000 I’m getting 8.7

Does this sound correct?

I’m confused. It sounds like the GL-X3000 is quite a bit faster than the phone. But you are unhappy that the router is not faster than it is? Is your sim card set to use 5g service? Have you upgraded the firmware of the modem (separate from the router firmware)?

I would recommend using a newer firmware than the docs suggest, but the process is the same. Get newer firmware ( RM520NGLAAR03A03M4G_01.201.01.201 ) from under the R03 stock firmware here:

Oh yeah, welcome to the forum!

To be able to have a fair comparison, first thing you should do is write down the bands that your phone got connected to.

Next insert the sim in the gl modem and check what bands didn’t connect to.

Having both devices in the same location is not enough.