GL-X3000 ATT not connecting

I just received the device today and before adding a line tested a sim from another line. Popped it in, changed apn, boom 5G NR, 2 seconds later poof. “Sim not registered” I played with it for an hour couldn’t get anything to work. So I popped the sim in the phone, no service. Anyways I hit the ATT store. Got a new sim for that and added a line. Popped the sim for the new line in. Bam 5G NR, 2 seconds later “sim not activated”.

Called support he said restart the device, I did, same thing, worked then didn’t. I initially updated to the recent stable release and have now tried the beta firmware. Not sure what’s going on but it seems like a $500 paper weight to me. I bought this specifically because it was ATT certified. I see other users on Att with the same issue. So is this device compatible with Att 5G or what am I doing wrong? I’ve spent hours on something that should just be a sim pop.

Did you check if the AT&T device is IMEI locked? If that’s the case you have to mirror it on the X-3000

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I have now changed the imei to match a donor iphone. I’ve played with the APN settings. Ttl settings. Went through and updated all the packages. The sim works flawlessly in said donor iphone, but the minute I put it in this device it says sim not registered. I’ve spent all day on this. I’m honestly about to return it and grab a netgear m6. Idk what else to do

Have you tried to identify what bands and tower is the phone locked to (3001#12345#) and replicate that on the GL X-3000 using tower and band lock?

okay this actually worked. However it appears im locked to lte speeds due to the limitations of the iPhone 6s using lte bands. IF I band lock to only ATT bands including 5g should I be able to pull 5g off even with the imei being an iPhone?

Do you means the X3000 can connect the ATT internet? do you use iPhone 6s IMEI on the X3000? you can try to lock on the 5G bands.

This is what I did. I locked in just the LTE bands and used the NXTGENPHONE apn. It worked. I tried my luck with locking 5g bands to the att ones and using ENHANCEDPHONE and it locked the sim. Had to chat them up to get it unlocked and working again.

I’m hesitant to keep this device being I’m locked to lte (and that seems to be what most people are seeing on att) and I have to spoof an IMEI to make it work, I don’t want my account getting canceled.

I’m looking at different carriers/plans to see what options I have for just this device.

You can to try to choose AT&T IOT sim card, like the picture below, we have tested this type sim card, it can be use on our device, but some city need us to upload device IMEI to AT&T customer service, some city don’t need.
Or you can try to use T-mobile sim card, it isn’t particularly strict for router device.

Thank you very much!

Will this device work with ATT prepaid hotspot plans? I’m curious about tmobile prepaid hotspot plans as well.

I use it with ATT prepaid hotspot plan. Been using it almost 6 months this way with 2 prepaid hotspot SIM cards.

If you want to test, I think you can take the X3000 to AT&T store or T-mobile store, tell their customer service you want to get a sim card what can work with X3000, I think they will help you to choose a sim card what can work.

GL-X3000 is ATT certified.

Please refer to

It’s not on their 5g white list. Which nothing from GLinet shows up there. Meaning no 5g from them at all. Maybe it would work on LTE but the customer support even told me based on the IMEI it wasnt compatible with their unlimited elite plans (obviously) or their dataconnect plans, so IDK. I’m still not entirely sure what the IOT plans even are. To me it sounds like smart devices such as something like the backup for ring security. I unfortunately decided to return the device due to the incompatibility with 5G on ATT, but plan on exploring other options from your company that would make tethering from my android phone easier.

@no1warr1or Thanks for your research into this! I also bought this device to use with my AT&T 5G service, spent about a week trying a thousand combinations to get it work work, detailed here. Please let me know if you have anything else to try before I buy a MoFi or something…

FWIW, in no circumstances should anyone ever purchase or use a Netgear M6, the 3 I tried were the worst devices I’ve ever used in at least 5 different ways. That being said I have one for sale… :sweat_smile:

Super disappointing, was so pumped on the Spitz.

I had the same issue as others. I had a 4G device (Iphone XS Pro) i activated it to an AT&T Business Elite plan and could never get 5G and it only worked with BROADBAND as the APN.

Then via AT&T chat I provided a 5G Iphone IMEI and changed the APN to ENHANCEDPHONE and i am connected.

Still no solutions? I find it completely ridiculous that customers pay for something to work as advertised only to have a headache trying to get it to work. This is almost a year of people with the same issues with no response/fix. To the people that say it works with theirs where’s the proof, how was it setup, and why does it not work when someone else uses the same setup? Not just a screenshot of your internet speeds say wow look at me. We need some answer so we can actually use this as it’s intended and not as wall decoration.


I don’t have ATT but I can assure you that under T-Mo I have several friends that have also bought the GL-X3000 after seeing what speeds I’ve been getting. Each and every one of them has had to set up their routers differently. Why? Because they all have different plans and use different towers than me. One friend has T-Mo home internet. The other has some iPad sim device and another has a regular phone plan. I’ve got a business plan. Everyone is different and we all get different speeds even when they are in the same exact location because the SIM cards are configured differently. Then, when they are in different locations, it’s pretty presumptuous to think that they should all operate the same. So, I’m just stating that there are different plans and it’s not a one size fits all solution. There are WAY to many variables between towers, plans and carriers. However, I do believe that the people that state that their plans work are speaking the truth. We just need to find a solution for you. Since this is your first time posting, I think it would be a little more helpful if we could have a little more context and learn a little more about your particular situation. I’m certain we can get your issues resolved.

What I don’t really understand: What’s the difference between the modem in the X3000 and one in a cheap Chinese Android phone?

Does Android simply have a huge base of connection profiles or why does the X3000 need so much manual love & affection?

I think you hit the nail on the head along with a different internal modem. Besides the fact that there are big differences between ATT towers and the channels they use and T-Mo. Usually a network makes sure you have a particular phone work on their network and this router is trying to be a do everything for everyone device. Bound to have issues but I’m confident with a little patience the developers and others on here will be able to help.