GL-X3000 cannot connect to mobile automatically after restart


i cannot connect to mobile internet automatically after restart my device, i have to disable PIN code or
enter PIN code manually with modem code AT+CPIN=”XXXX”
(after that, everything is running fine and i get 30 Mbit with 5G instead of 10 Gbit with 4G)

else there is a message “Sim Card is locked”
i have tried everything, edit profiles 20 times, even installed modem manager and reset my device, used second sim-slot,
lost hours but no chance.

it is the same problem another user have got with the same provider:
(you can see the error message in german in this link (first picture))

please help, what could be the issue?

FW 4.00 0404release1

It does not make sense to enter the PIN automatically - in that case you could simply disable it.

I want to use a VPN provider and if someone who has access to the router resets it
the connection is established without a VPN provider.
In this respect, the automatic PIN does make sense.

i wrongly have selected the answer an a solution,
but it is not a solution for me.
still got the problem!

  • 4.0
  • Firmwaretyprelease20300

old Firmware is running without problems!

i can reconnect after reboot even with PIN acitivated and get a stable 5G Internet connection.

with new firmware, i get connection error and have to use a modem command to connect,
then i have only 4G LTE or unstable 5G Internet connection

what have you done with new firmware? it does not work good for me!