GL-X3000 Extremely Unstable Modem

Glad it worked. No idea why its like that. Ive emailed sales person from the beta about it many times with no response. I have a feeling they dont know why its not working.

Hi Chimichanga:

Can I check this issue remotely?


Let me know if you need any more help with this

Please share your device with the cloud platform.

Account: gl.inet_support


Hi Dominion7574:

I need to actually look at some information remotely and do some debugging to determine the exact cause.

Is your SIM card a static IP?


No just a nornal T-mobile business tablet sim (public ip). Ill see if I can set it up for you. Tons of people having this issue so you should just be able to get a tmobile sim and test it.

Thank you very much.

When the above issue occurs, help to execute the AT instructions: AT+CGPADDR.

Then help to check ip obtained:

Happy to share as I am having same issue when not using 4.3.0. Added device to cloud. Don’t see where to share it.

Edit: Shared device with gl.inet_support

Thank you very much.

The following firmware makes some adjustments for this issue. You can test the new firmware:

So far so good. Ill let you know tomorrow after more testing.