GL-X3000 Extremely Unstable Modem

Feels like every 15-30 seconds the connection just drops and the router page frequently shows “No Modem device found. Plug in your USB modem to start.”

Connection is so bad I can barely get this forum message to submit.

Log and screenshot of the message attached. Any advice? (26.0 KB)

I have been using it for over a month and it is quiet stable!

Firmware version ? Can you please upgrade to the latest and test again:

That’s exactly the same problem and same output on log that I have (see here, our logread are just identical).
For me it start to be unstable when I switch the SIM card from slot1 to slot2, but it only happens with a SIM card of a particular operator…

It’s showing I’m on version 4.0 (latest it lets me upgrade using the GUI). I’ll give the firmware 4.3.1 a shot with the link you posted.

Thank you!

EDIT: It still shows version 4.0 in the interface even after upgrading to 4.3.1… so I’m guessing I was already on it. Still disconnecting. SIM card is T-Mobile if that makes any difference, APN is set to exactly what I used to use on the Mifi M2000.

T-Mobile is pretty aggressive about SIM switching, I can’t think of a time where I did not need to get a new SIM when changing devices.( and to correct myself that is T-Mobile consumer not T-Mobile Commercial)

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Are you speaking of T-Mobile post paid or the old Metro by T-Mobile? I know the old Metro sims couldn’t be swapped between devices without interaction with Metro.

I don’t know about T-Mobile but today thanks to some friends I manged to try basically any operator here in Italy… and yeah… it seems that some of them doesn’t allow SIM switching. Basically all the SIM I tried work like a charm when used alone but 70% of them gives me problems when doing switching… All I can say is that the operator that gives me problems with SIM switching are the ones that change IP more frequently… (no problems with operators that change IP address every 24h… but problems with operators that change IP address every 4h or so)…

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I have the same issue. 4.3.0 works fine, but anything newer and constant disconnects. Seems people with the issue are on tmobile.

go back to 4.3.0. and try that


Thanks for the suggestion. I had to pop it back in my old Mifi for the time being since I need a stable connection for work, but I’m going to give 4.3.0 a shot this weekend.

@doczenith1 I’m not sure exactly. I used to be a Sprint subscriber, and they sent me a new T-Mobile SIM after the merger (last year). If I can’t get it to work soon, I may just go with a Verizon SIM because the GL-X3000 has been awesome so far besides this issue.

I have noticed that all those who having issues (mainly SIM-related) they are based in US.

I am not quiet sure if such issues are related to gl-x3000 as a whole or the Quectel RM520N-GL modem installed in it? Perhaps someone from GL needs to investigate this further.

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I’ll try a downgrade tonight and report. It’s as simple as “updating” to the lower version, correct?

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Yes you are correct…

You might be right. My suncomm did the same thing with the rn520. But on 4.3.0 pretty sure it didnt exist

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Absolutely nailed it. Downgraded to 4.3.0 and now my connection is perfect. No dropouts at all.

Thank you so much!

Excellent. I emailed the sales guy a few times and never really got a response about it. I heard ttl doesnt reallt work on 4.3.0 but we cant upgrade because it wont stay connected


ok, downgraded to 4.3.0 - modem too, a long while to reconnect, but it does seems to be a lot more stable indeed! Is anyone from gl-inet monitoring this thread? It’s interesting that there was a clear regression on T-mobile SIMs after 4.3.0


Closing the loop on this thread as well: Google Fi told me they had sent me a bad type of SIM by mistake. I received the correct Data SIM from them today, and that changed everything - I guess a properly activated SIM does make a difference, unsurprisingly. With that new SIM the modem is super stable, including on 4.3.1 (2023-05-12).

Fi uses t-mobile in the background, but obviously a SIM with the right configuration does make a massive difference - again, not very surprising.

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I am having the same issue and am on T-Mobile. Downgrading now…

I am in the US using T-Mobile business service. I have been testing 4.3.0 for about 3 hours and have had no drops. I will run this overnight and report back. I hope someone from Gl.iNet is following these forums. Thank you to ALL who are providing feedback on this problem including @Putznutz and the OP @Chimichanga. @Dominion7574 thank you for providing this solution!

Again, hopefully someone at Gl.iNet is watching and will take our feedback to adjust future firmware versions. Cheers all.

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