GL-X3000 input DC voltage

What is the range of DC voltage that the GL-X3000 router will accept?

I want to know whether it is safe to connect the GL-X3000 router directly to a 12V Lithium Phosphate battery (typical battery used for camper vans and motorhomes) and what fuse size to use?

The voltage range has been discussed previously. You should be able to find it via a search of these forums. If I remember correctly it’s a big range. Perhaps 12-36 volts.

Yes, you can (and many of us have) connect your X3000 directly to your house batteries. I’m not sure on fuse size. You can check the X3000 specs and see what the maximum watt draw is and size the fuse accordingly. And, the topic of a GL-iNet produced power cord for this application has been discussed. I believe they were offering free (just pay for shipping) cables for forums members to test out.

Thank you for your reply. I looked on the website and did not find this voltage range in the data sheet for the GLX3000. I want to protect any sensitive electrical equipment that cannot handle the voltage fluctuations of a 12V camper van battery.

I think it would be good if the range showed up on the data sheet.

I’m really surprised that this supports such a large voltage range. Of course this is very good for me.

Input voltage of the X300 is 9-36V. My X3000 is installed in my trailer and I can confirm it works flawlessly on my 12V system (which can run from 11-14V depending if I’ve let the batteries run really low or if the system is recharging).

Here’s the official word from GL.iNet staff:

Thank you @RVer, I really value real-world experience.

Yes, we can supply one power cable with 3A fuse by free. If the feedback is positive, we will sell this power cable on our store as an accessory of X3000.

Please tell us your shipment address if you need it.

I run one 2 of mine in a portable environment with a 12v drok “stabilizer” that keeps it at an even 12.0V

Hello @_Tony ,

Please send a private message with your shipping address, contact details and EU tax number.
As a thank you for your support, we will mail a fused DC power cord.


For those following this thread, I also received this separate email from Arya Huang of GL.iNet technical support:

The safe range of DC voltage is 12V-24V, and you can connect X3000 behind a 12V Lithium Phosphate, it can work without any problem.

This is not the same as the 9 - 24 V range mentioned in an above post. Nevertheless, it confirms that the GLX 3000 has a very broad DC voltage input range

Interesting that we have somewhat conflicting information… Have a look at this blog post (on the official GL-iNet site) from when the Spitz AX was released: Spitz AX on the Road - GL.iNet

It includes some images of the X3000 with the older silk print, which indicated 9-36V. We were told that the print was subsequently changed only to avoid confusion and the voltage spec remained the same:

Any comment/clarification from GL-iNet staff?

I confirm GL-X3000 supports 9~36V DC input.
I will explain it to our co-workers.

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@Summer - I must be blind. I was hoping to get this cable but cannot see how to send a DM on this platform. I just created and activated my account, so maybe I am too new? If you send to me maybe I can reply with the shipping info?

I upgraded your account to trust level 1 - so now you can send PM by clicking on @Summer

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