GL-X3000 Multi-Wan Device Routing

Hi there,

I’ve got a GL-X3000 setup with a 5G SIM and a Fibre connection, I’ve got VoIP telephony which doesn’t always work when I try to use both WAN interfaces (load balance). Is there anyway to force my VoIP device to use the Fibre connection and not the 5G one?

I am also interested in this feature - direct devices to certain connections.

It’s possible to set static routes using SSH or luci.
You need to get into that.

Can you provide an example on this?

Not really, it’s behind my scope of helping here - since it might be complex and based on your setup.

Basically it’s this: [OpenWrt Wiki] Static routes

Thanks for the link, unfortunately it’s a bit too much for me. About my setup, I just want lan device with IP to always use eth0 WAN for all traffic.

This can be easily done using a custom routing table.

Create the table, then create the rule to route through the custom table, then create a default route to eth0.

All IP’s on that table will use eth0.

Can I do all that on Luci? Or do I have to use ssh?