GL-X3000 Multi-Wan Issue (Again) On Latest Snapshot

Hello, just thought I would make mention here that it looks like abug regarding failover not listening to my settings in the X3000 has popped up in the most recent snapshot builds.

I believe it was mentioned that some kind of change had been made regarding mwan3 which could be related?

In this case I have now switched to a (slower) wired backup connection, however whenever this is plugged in it seems to become the primary connection (tested by ip checker websites on multiple devices) and the only way to actually get it to use my cellular connection is to unplug it.

  • Current Firmware
  • Version4.0
  • Firmware Type0600snapshot1
  • Compile Time2024-03-26 17:56:26 (UTC+00:00)

Interface Priorities:
Screenshot 2024-03-28 231238

This is not how it behaves on the most recent Stable.