GL-X3000 N41 connecting in 5G SA but not 5G NSA

I just received a new GL-X3000 and was trying different band combos for speed. When in 5G SA n71-n41 or n25-n41, It seems to show both bands with AT+QCAINFO

+QCAINFO: “PCC”,126510,2,“NR5G BAND 71”,586
+QCAINFO: “SCC”,518910,12,“NR5G BAND 41”,2,298,0,-,-


When trying to lock bands in 5G NSA, I am able to lock my carriers LTE bands (2,4,66) with n71 but not with n41. The connection reverts to 4G if only one LTE band is open and 4G+ if more than one LTE band is open.

I have tried updating firmware and using beta firmware and get the same results. What could be the possible reason that n41 connects in SA but not NSA? Would love to get this figured out.

Could be that the modem does not support a CA combo that includes LTE bands and n41.

Can I ask why you are locking bands?

I’m locking to certain bands to avoid switching to a less desirable band. In my area certain bands have better performance than others. The modem I was provided from my carrier was plagued with hardware issues. It would connect to B2+n41 or B66+n41 and speeds were great. B2+n71 or B66+n71 had great upload but low download. Anytime the modem would switch to n71 I’d have buffering, especially during peak hours. n41 was always fast. I would hope this modem would support 5g NSA with band n41, it requires an LTE band as an anchor, hence the b2+n41 and b66+n41. It works OK in 5G SA, which is fine, but I feel like 5G NSA with n41 should work. I just want to know if it’s not supported or if it’s something else holding it up.

I guess I will reach out for private support since I’m not getting it here. Hopefully, I can get some help there before I decide to return the modem.

It am very sorry that this did not reply in time.

This involves a communication choice between the cell tower and the device.

It need capture some data protocol packages when you lock to the appropriate band and re-register.

Operation is as follows:

1,Lock the band;
2,Capture data protocol:Get Moduel Logs - GL.iNet Router Docs 4
3,Register tower:
gl_modem -B 0001:01:00.0 SAT sp at+cfun=0
gl_modem -B 0001:01:00.0 SAT sp at+cfun=1

Do I need to lock to both the LTE band and n41 or just the band that I’m having the issue with?

Also, just to clarify, you want me to SSH into the modem and then grab the qlog file before running the two commands you listed?
I just want to make sure I’m understanding this clearly.