GL-X3000 & Netgear Orbi Mesh Router

Thank you to this forum for the help, LOVE my GL-X3000!

Now that initial testing is done with the unit, we are wanting to implement this as our internet as our “modem” in front of our Orbi Mesh Router, and want to be sure we do it correctly.

We use the Orbi as our DHCP router and I have it set up with static IP’s for my NAS and other devices, and have forwarded ports etc (which I know won’t work with TMHI but we are using Tailscale etc.). The point is, I do NOT want to have to reassign any IP addresses for the devices in our LAN network. Yes, I will be turning off the WIFI on the GL, and using nothing but the Orbi Mesh Wifi.

Any suggestions, tips or tricks? ALSO I would like to be able to access the GL-X3000 from inside my LAN to get to the control panel etc.