GL-X3000 no longer gets internet after renewing service

I have a GL-X3000 spitz that’s been working good for the last couple of months. I’m paying for unlimited 5g on a month to month basis. Well I accidentally let my service expire and renewed the service the same day but my internet no longer works. It shows that it’s connect with 4G+ now but internet doesn’t work. I called T-mobile to see what’s going on and they told me to give it a couple hours and it should be restored. It’s still not working so I called again and got a complaint ID and they’re having someone looking at it on the back end but it might take 48 to 72 hours. Is there anything else I can try? Can I take it to t-mobile and get a new SIM card or should I use a trac phone instead?

When I took the sim out of the spitz and put it in the trac phone it didn’t recognize it. But it recognizes it in the gl-x3000. I tried many things like reboots, switching SIM card slots, etc. it seems like the problem is on T-mobile’s side. Will they set it up at t-mobile if it’s not in a phone? The representative over the phone told me the IMEA is compatible.

It shows that it’s connected to 4G and some times to 4G+. It used to connect to 5G but not anymore. The traffic statics changes but its in kilobytes and internet doesn’t work.

When you allow your tariff to expire it can take up to 24 hours after the date of payment to reconnect. It depends on the provider.

The best thing you can do is disconnect the sim by powering off the device it is in or removing it completely, wait an hour or so and try it again. If it doesn’t establish a connection then leave it running for an hour, turn it off for an hour, turn back on and check.

The problem is the update schedule of the payment management service within the providers system. It only updates a few times a day because each time it runs it costs money. That directly controls all accounts connected to the system.

It was a coincidence. The cell tower went down right after my service expired. It’s working great now.

There’s VERY little one can do when it comes to simcards as they are all controlled by an automatic system and all data needs time to propagate.