GL-X3000 routing from main router subnet via repeater option


  • main router 7590AX (with internet connection);
  • GL-X3000 used with repeater option.


can ping from the GL-X3000 wifi subnet to the 7590AX subnet,
but cannot ping the other way from the 7590AX wifi subnet to the GL-X3000 subnet.

Do you allow from WAN to internal in the firewall? In a repeater, the WLAN you connect to is considered a WAN connect IIRC.

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Your 7590AX will assign a IP address to your GL-X3000 when the GL-X3000 connects. You have to use that assigned IP address to ping from your 7590AX. Based on the screenshot you provided, it is

Don’t forget: “repeater” is not “mesh”. Your GL-X3000 will treat the connection to the 7590AX as a WAN connection and the GL-X3000’s firewall will not allow anything on the WAN to connect to the GL-X3000’s LAN (unless you’ve enabled port forwarding or assigned a client as DMZ).

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thank you guys, you both opened up my eyes :handshake:
I had to add a port forward to for each host into the GL-X3000 subnet :ok_hand:

or even better

check down below the @admon solution:
create a new firewall rule on the X3000 that will allow all incoming traffic from WAN to LAN. (see below).

Nahhhh… this might work, but it’s not the way to do it.
Just create a new firewall rule on the X3000 that will allow all incoming traffic from WAN to LAN.

1 rule to rule them all :sunglasses:

looks like a nice solution, but how to do that :thinking:
this does not work:

I would assume that creating a new zone should work:

Can’t test it right now.

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yesssss, it works, but:

  1. the “Covered networks” must be the 7590AX wifi network;
  2. update the default “wan” zone with the “accept” attributes;
  3. add routing from 7590AX to the GL-X3000 subnet;

that’s all, folks :melting_face: (hopefully)

Really appreciate your support :handshake:
Best regards, marco

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Yep, you are right. On my router I don’t use WWAN, so that’s why I wasn’t aware of that.

Great it worked!

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Thanks for posting up the solution and adjustments made. Very helpful for anyone searching instead of folks just getting it fixed and disappearing leaving future readers to wonder whether it worked.

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