GL-X3000(Spitz AX) disassembling/board diagram/UART pins

Hi folks,

Today I opened the case of my GL-X3000 to find how I can connect my USB-UART cable. Because I do not want to damage it, I decided to pause and take suggestions form you!

  • Has anyone disassembled the same device? Can you share your experience?
  • Is there a a clear diagram for the board?
  • Can GL engineers share the latest Uboot for this device as I could not find it in the GitHub repos?

May we know the purpose of your dismantling and use the UBoot?

Yes, because I want to know how to connect my usb uart cable without damaging the device.

I am planning to compile my own uboot and stock firmware (without gl packages) then flash it to the device.

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear.
What we want to know is whether you are using it for commercial use or personal DIY.

For personal use…………


I tried to use the UART pins in order to connect a USB-UART cable, following the pinout I found here:

However I don’t see any output on the UART port, either from U-Boot or the firmware. I’ve tried using several USB-UART cables, changed all the UART settings I could think of (and used the ones listed here), but to no avail.

Is there a setting to change in the U-Boot (version U-Boot 2022.07-rc3 (Mar 09 2023 - 16:20:34 +0800)) or the firmware (version 4.3.5) in order to enable the UART port?

Hopefully someone from GL can help as I posted this post several months ago.

@dohseven please keep us posted with your progress as I want also to use usb-uart cable to modify the Uboot and install custom openwrt firmware.

Uart is enabled by default.Please check tx and rx.And do not connect the power pin.