GL-X3000 Spitz AX IMEI questions

Testing the Spitz AX I notice it seems to show the same IMEI for slot 1 and 2. Is it an active/standby setup where only one SIM slot is active at one time so it can have the same IMEI on both slots ?

But the way, this thing is smoking. Very good first impression. :heart_eyes:

IMEI is the Cellular Modem identifier. spitz AX is a single Cellular Modem module with dual SIM card slots. It does not work with two SIM cards at the same time like a cellular phone.

Awesome. That was my guess.

Solid device so far! You guys rock.

What is the advantage of 2 SIM slots with only 1 active at a time? Is it to save popping out the SIM and inserting another SIM?

You do have the option of auto switching when your preferred sim has no service.

Of course, but it seems easy to pop out the 1st SIM and insert a 2nd SIM. It does not seem that the GL-X3000 is intended for remote operation.

If the 2nd SIM does not have service, is there are 3rd SIM or 4th SIM slot?

First, this switch does not require remote operation. It is a Failover feature. When there is no signal from the primary SIM card, the device will automatically switch to the backup SIM card. To prevent the backup SIM card from overloading, it can also be set to automatically switch back to the primary SIM card.
Secondly, Spitz AX is designed for RV scenarios, unlike Mudi. That means the device is not on the desktop and not in the bag. So it’s not as easy to change SIM cards.

Thanks for the clarifiation.

First, mfld asked if it is active/standby setup, but your response did not have any confirmation. Is there a description of this feature in the GL-X3000 product page?

Second, most RV scenarios would still have the router accessible.

Third, the router should have been designed with eSIM. Unfortunately, GL.iNet has stated in posts that it is not desirable in Hong Kong and/or too hard to implement.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. I should have added after “It does not work with two SIM cards at the same time like a cellular phone.” that the Spitz AX can only activate one SIM card at a time and keep the other one as a backup.
There is a description on the product page, but it’s really not clear enough. We will try to improve it.

eSIM is also our goal. It is not a problem in terms of hardware, the main difficulty is to support operators around the world. We are looking for a solution.

Would it be possible to allow setting different IMEIs for each slot?

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IMEI is the identifier for the modem. The GL-X3000 has two SIM slots, but only a single modem. Essentially if you lose signal from one carrier’s SIM, GL-iNet have implemented a failover system where the same modem will then read the second SIM card and connect to that carrier.

One modem=One IMEI, really you can have as many SIM slots as you’re willing to solder and trace on a circuit board, but the number of actual connections is limited by the number of modems/radios.

Understood. Allow me to reframe my question: Is it possible to automatically change the modem’s IMEI based on the slot number that is in use? I understand that it is possible to change the IMEI via some sort of command, correct?

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There is only one radio/modem and at present the code that handles failover and failback between the SIM slots has no facility to change the IMEI during slot switching. You could turn OFF the GUI features and hack something together yourself. A cron job that checks if WAN is reachable every x mins and if not reachable take radio offline, fix the broken IMEI to correct value, put radio back on. That sort of thing. Generally manufacturers will not produce that for you in GUI as they would face backlash from network operators etc.

I see instructions on how to get to AT on other modems, anyone know how to get to commands on the GL-X3000, I’d like to change my IMEI number. example AT +EGMR=1,7,“123456789101213”

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Found this pic on facebook:

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Thank you, it looks like they changed up the placement of this a little bit with newer firmware versions, you now can locate it under the screwdriver and wrench next to the carrier name on the main “internet”, looks like it was originally just under the carrier/cellular info on the landing page. This picture got me looking more closely to my surroundings in there, so thanks again.

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For GL-X3000 owners, where is the IMEI found? in the software or on your Order invoice, on the case? I dont have one yet and T-Moblle was asking my device IMEI to sign up for a data only, no phone service plan. Thanks

Quick answer: when I login to the web interface I can see the IMEI in the main page .

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