GL-X3000 & UK EE Sim

Sits there activating Sim, cant connect. EE Support have tried multiple things. I’ve tried changing IMEI to my iPads in the hope EE were blocking the original, no luck.

Anyone got it working?

You say “activating”. Do you actually mean activating. For example, has the SIM been tested working in your iPad/phone?
I don’t have the X3000 but I tried an EE in a Puli and Spitz and it works with the APN “everywhere”, no authentication needed.
In my X750, it works in both QCM and QMI mode, port /dev/cdc-wdm0.
It might be worth grabbing the latest (beta) firmware GL.iNet download center, and giving that a try

Sim is activated. Works fine in an ipad. I’m on latest beta firmware and have upgraded the modem. Using APN everywhere with no auth.

Out of interest, is your EE sim data only ? Mine is, EE Tech Support are sending out a regular mobile sim today.