GL-X3000 unable to send sms

Hi guys,

anyone else having this issue :

Module: EM160R-GL (LTE version)
on Version4.0 Firmware Type release50402

unable to send sms, gui stuck at trying to send (dots moving in circle) . only after a while, it becomes triangle with ! sign.

also noticed its unable to received SMS, when its stuck trying to send (dots moving in circle).
its only able to receive SMS when it stop trying to send (error with the triangle with ! sign).

occasionally when gui is stuck at trying to send (dots moving in circle), a gui refresh will show no modem device found even though there is still internet connection via lte.


system log
Mon Sep 18 15:11:33 2023 daemon.err modem_AT: (modem_AT.c:350) send_msg: AT+CMGS=22,00xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
; len = 49
Mon Sep 18 15:11:57 2023 daemon.err glc: (common.c:1277) SMS set failed
Mon Sep 18 15:11:59 2023 daemon.err glc: (common.c:1277) SMS set failed
Mon Sep 18 15:12:10 2023 daemon.err glc: (common.c:1277) SMS set failed

sim was working fine in a X750v2

What is the carrier?

Please enter the following AT command to check some information:

hi lizh,

this the return from the AT command,

+QCFG: “data_interface”,1,0

Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having an issue where my carrier is trying to sms my router but it’s not showing up at all.

Pls send the carrier info.

This issue is specially related to carriers.

I’m experiencing the same problem on Vodafone Greece:

+QCFG: “data_interface”,1,0
+COPS: 0,0,“vodafone GR”,7

Also… clicking on the ‘SMS’ button displays “this modem does not suppport SMS” for <1 second, then text is hidden. See attached screen capture.

@lizh can you have a check?

Hi Nerdvana:

I’ve checked the feature,and it is ok.

If it is convenient for you, you can share this device to the account “gl.inet_support” via Cloud platform.
I’ll check further.


Done. cloud.device_id is wq2287e

BTW: the SIM is on the 1nce network, via Vodefone Greece. It is not possible to send SMS messages to it over the public network. So if you need an incoming test message then let me know.