GL-X3000 use with FirstNet SIM card

I recently purchased the Spitz AX GL-X3000. I am a FirstNet customer and was hopeful the device would work since it is AT&T compatible. I put my FirstNet SIM card in and it worked beautifully for about 30 minutes, and then lost cell service, stating “SIM not registered”. I exhausted all options with FirstNet and AT&T support, they state it is not a “FirstNet approved device” so it will not work, even though it did for about 30 minutes! Are there any work arounds within the firmware or is it possible to unlock the device to ‘fool’ the FirstNet system?

Can this IMEI be bound by the carrier?

Generally, carrier use IMEI as identification.

Yes, but when they attempt to enter the router’s IMEI number to attach it to the SIM, they say it isn’t compatible to they’re system so it won’t let them attach it.

You need yo change the Idenity of the GL-X3000 to match an ATT approved device. Its easy to do with the use of AT commands in the GUI. Write down the X3000 IMEI in case you need to restore it. Here is the AT command:
AT+EGMR=1,7,“your att approved IMEI”

So I was able to successfully change the IMEI to what FirstNet recognizes as a Netgear Nighthawk (an approved device). That exact IMEI is also attached to the SIM card on FirstNet’s end. However, it continues to say SIM card not registered. Any other thoughts?

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Added the APN required for FirstNet SIM card and now it works great. I appreciate everyone’s help!

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