GL-X3000 voltage difference?

Just send an PM instead of sharing it here :wink:

@admon if this was comment to me please PM me and show me how to do it.

I at least was not able to find a way to PM @Tim-Zhang

I don’t think this forums supports PM.

Click the users name that you want to PM and then click the message button.

Thanks @doczenith1 for the tip but I can’t. We talked with admon and it looks that this option is not available for new users like me.

We got your shipment address from our E-commerce team, we will ship the cable to you after the samples are ready, while these samples need some time to manufacture and test.

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Hi @onni

The sample has been sent out, follow FedEx.

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@onni Hi Onni. FedEx delivery has arrived, please contact them for customs clearance, contact information: 800123800, deadline 1-26. Thank you!

Hey @Summer and @Tim-Zhang,

I already tried to contact you through private message but didn’t get answer.

I never received the Fedex tracking code so I can’t pay for the customs :sweat_smile:

Can you please send their tracking code?

I would like to obtain a power cable for my Sprinter 2500 when 1 is available.
Can’t get my GL-X3000 to connect to T-Mobile. Been working with T-Mobile support for a couple of days now.

Hi @onni

The information is as follows. The invoice has been provided to you. Pls contact your local FedEx.
FedEx Hot-wire Telephone:39 199.151.119 or 39 02 92 17 26 60