GL-X3000 voltage difference?

I got a GL-X3000 and would like to connect it directly to the 12V electrical system in my motorhome (Fiat Ducato model 2019). Is this possible or do I need a voltage converter?
How much voltage difference does the GL-X3000 work without errors?

Thanks for replies

You’re good with a direct connection to your 12v system. The X3000 accepts 9-36V. The prototype case for the X3000 actually had 9-36V DC written on it, but GL was concerned that it would confuse consumers.

See the response from GL.iNet in this thread : GL-X3000 Spitz AX input voltage range

And, FWIW, I have my X3000 connected directly to the battery in my trailer and it works just fine.

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Thank you very much for your quick answer, which completely answers my question

Did you connect your x3000 directly to 12v in the motorhome? Does that work for you? I did it and have always a offline modem all the time…

Could you let us know how you connect X3000 on motorhome 12V DC? A picture showing it would be appreciated.

To help our customers to connect with motorhome battery easily, we are preparing some power cable samples, showed as below picture, 1 meter power cable with 3A fuse. And we can sent one sample to you after the samples are ready.


Unfortunately I can’t take a picture of the installation, because otherwise I would have to dismantle the panel again, but it was connected with so-called “Wago clamps”!

Thanks for this information. May I ask an addtional question? Do this Wago clamps already exist on the vehicle, or if we supply such Power cable, it’s better the Power cable with Wago clamps ? Thanks.

You can buy these Wago clamps at our hardware store in Germany! Some motorhomes already have these, we had to buy them! I still have a picture of the installation! However, I’m wondering, I had problems with the built-in modem in the router, it was always online and then offline again, an colleague from gl-inet wrote to me, that I an only use the original power supply with 230V, otherwise the router would not working correctly??? Since I installed the beta firmware (Saturday December 30th) I haven’t had any more failures!

Thanks. X3000 can connect with the power on vehicle, but need to assure the DC range is 9~36V, while XE3000(with embeded battery )only supports 9~16V. And the maximum power consumption is ~20W, i.e. ~12V/2A.

If you still meet offline issue, we will analyze it. Thanks a lot.

Okay, then I’ll test some more and let you know if I have a problem again!

I have connected my X3000 directly to my RV 12v wiring (it is a constant 13.6 volts) and have no issues with connectivity. It’s been wired this way for a few months now.

Hi Thomas,

Good to know.
How did you connect the router to 12V?

I just snipped the cord that came with it and installed spade connectors so that I can easily switch between the wall wart and the hard wired 12v connection if I need to make it portable for any reason.

Modem is always offline, it runs stable for a few days and then it fails, so I always have to unplug the router! Don’t any of you have a problem like that? I have O2 Germany as a provider!


Please share this device with this account ‘gl.inet_support’ through the cloud platform.

Technical Support via (158.7 KB)

I am working with it.MAC and password can send to me by Message alone.
MAC and password,I have deleted.

I have send it to ou…

I would also need one for my new motorhome. How could I subscribe to this and get one when you’re ready?

Please send me you shipment address, we will ship one sample for you.

After you used it, please help take a picture and tell us your feedback for this power cable.


Thanks, I would be happy to provide feedback!

I just made a recent order of GL-X3000 and refurbished Beryl from you and they are arriving today and my order number was #EU9826. I wasn’t able to register to forum with the same email as I used in the purchase so they are different.

Can you check my address from that order so I don’t need to share it publicly?