GL-X3000 VPN Client and Routing to LAN Webcam

I have a GL-X3000 setup with an AT&T 5G connection (iPad unlimited plan) on a boat. Recently I configured the VPN client back to my home with an Edgerouter running an OpenVPN server. That allows me to securely access the GL-X3000 admin UI (using the VPN assigned client IP of 192.168.14.x). I have a webcam on the GL-X3000 LAN (192.168.8.x) and cannot figure out how to access the webcam from my home network.

I have an Edgerouter interface route configured to send traffic for via the OpenVPN server interface. But cannot access the webcam.

I have also tried opening firewall ports on the GL-X3000 to access the webcam as well as the router UI over the WAN, but seems that AT&T blocks all ports.

Any thoughts?


You need to find out how your webcam can be accessed. Using a specific app? ip and port?

If using ip and port, you can just do port forward on X3000, from vpn interface to the LAN.

The webcam can be accessed via a browser using its IP and port 80. For the sake of testing, I set the port on the device to 8080 and created a firewall policy. Unfortunately, that did not work. Is this the correct configuration of the firewall rule?

This seems correct. How do you access? Using what IP? What does the browser say?

Apologies for the wait on this, but the port forwarding worked!