GL-X3000 VPN Issues


I have the X-3000 running 4.4.5 release. I have a T-Mobile data sim in my device that generally works flawlessly.

I have to use a VPN in order to get some things to work (I get 403 forbidden errors depending on device).

I noticed that TorGuard was removed from the mobile app as a built in login.

My issue is that when I use a config generated on their website, or any other VPN (I bought a month of Mullvad to try it out and see if it was just a TorGuard thing), my Internet speed will stay great for like 1 minute, then it just completely tanks. The Internet still shows connected in the router (cellular), the VPN still shows connected, but there is basically no data being transferred.

As soon as I turn off the VPN, everything comes back to life, except now I’m getting the 403 forbidden that is avoided by the VPN.

I have tried it with ipv6 turned on, it’s off currently. TTL is set to 65. I’m not sure what the issue is with the VPN on the router that it just keeps tanking like that.

Will stable version 4.4.6 solve your issue? GL.iNet download center