GL-X3000 Wifi cutting out - 5ghz only

Tl;dr I experienced packet drops and bad performance over 5ghz wifi and found the power set to Max - changed to high and problem solved.

So I had some time to troubleshoot an issue I was seeing on my router where clients connected to the 5ghz radio were dropping packets intermittently but consistently. Tested 2 windows laptops and an android tablet, all exhibited the same issue. I fired up NetSpot and noticed the wireless signal on 5ghz was completely dropping about 30-40% of the time. I changed the wireless channel just for grins, no change. Changed wireless power to low, started working after a while (guess it may have taken a cool down period or something). Raised it up to medium for a while, stayed stable. High, same thing. So I left it on high for now and will watch it.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? I might recommend that devs either test this further or remove Max from the list of power levels. Or maybe my equipment is defective, but otherwise it works fine.

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