Hello Friends, when anyone know exactly when the GL-X3000 will be available?

You can provide your email address on the following page GL-X3000 / Spitz AX - GL.iNet to receive a notification.

It will be available in May I guess.


Just got GL-X3000. Its works great! 2.4G, 5G, & Wifi 6 work flawlessly. It also works with EasyTether. Just follow the same instructions I put for installing EasyTether on the GL-MT3000. If you put 2 SIM cards in this unit at the same time & put it on automatic, it goes from one sim to the next, whichever one is giving you faster speed, it does it automatically if set to automatic. Also, if you have a rooted phone that’s capable of detecting 5G, using the application, Hotspot VPN by MyGod Studio, you get great speeds on tethering. A rooted phone with 4G capability will also work, but the 5G phone gives you faster speed when connected to this router using that application. You don’t necessarily have to have a rooted phone in order to tether with this unit, but if you’re using your moblie hotspot on your phone, it could be costly that’s why I said using a rooted phone with Hotspot VPN, by MyGod Studio, may be better for you. Great job on this Router…:sunglasses: