GL-X3000NR Spitz IMEI registered as a "Phone"

Recently purchased and using the Spitz GL-X3000NR with both a T-Mobile and ATT SIM. We have had various issues with ATT and required replacing the SIM twice. We think we finally have a stable connection/SIM but now we got a surprise bill from ATT. However, when we changed our 2018 era unlimited data hotspot line from our Netgear Nighthawk to the Spitz, the Spitz IMEI shows as a “Phone”. This results in a billing change on their end and we need to retain the billing previously used with a “Modem” device type.

Anyone else seen or had other issues with the Spitz IMEI registered as a “Phone”?

I understand I can change the IMEI to something else but curious if avoidable. If not avoidable, what other “Modem” device should I try searching for an IMEI to utilize?

You can’t trust free websites about the result.

Easiest way would be contacting your provider, tell them the IMEI and what kind of device you use.

Thank you for the reply. I will accept any assistance I can get. However, this started by the provider, ATT, telling me the IMEI shows as a phone and they cannot do anything else, regardless of my affirmations of the real device type. So I am left addressing why the IMEI has the incorrect device type or how to identify an acceptable IMEI.

You could clone the one from the old router. There is no real way of identifying an acceptable IMEI.

I have considered that, assuming GL-iNet doesn’t get back to me with a more straightforward solution. But I am concerned being that is a 4G LTE modem. Will that make a difference to potential (5G) service or would it be better to find a similar category 5G modem option (I haven’t researched how to find that yet)?