GL-X300B Cellular + VPN = Dropped packets, intermittent internet

I’m having an issue getting the cellular connection and the VPN to play well together.

If I remove the SIM and use internet VIA ethernet, everything works perfect.

If I remove the VPN profile and use cellular with NO VPN, everything works perfect.

It’s only when I use cellular and then configure the VPN that gives me issues… dropping 40% packets, most websites don’t even load.

Has anyone experienced this?

Just for fun, I setup one GL-X300B with the SIM installed for internet, and then plugged another GL-X300B via ethernet into the first one. The second GL-X300B, I configured the VPN and that works perfectly fine.

I’m using a verizon SIM, and wireguard VPN profile.

Hi, what’s the VPN service provider?
If you change MTU to a smaller one, will things be better?

Mullvad VPN. As noted, This issue is when using the WireGuard client, I switched to the OpenVPN client and that works flawlessly, but I take a hit on bandwidth obviously which is why I was hoping to use wireguard.